The Piedmontese enjoyed international fame thanks to the golden age of vermouth and the three friends who – by generating this enthusiasm – created one of the most avant-garde businesses of the era, known for the quality of its products.

On the labels of the liqueurs, the first locomotives began to make an appearance, a symbol of the driving force behind this increasing growth. Ballor & Co moved their premises to Cambiano, along the line which linked Turin to Genoa. A strategic step to shift goods more rapidly.

Not only Vermouth. Amaro, Gin, Cognac and Chinato wine, the production of Ballor & Co was varied. Word of the quality of their products began to spread into the Kingdom of Sardinia and then Florence, London, Dublin, Chicago, Paris. Word reached the King of Savoy, who named Freund & Ballor “Sovrintendente” of the King of Italy, a ‘By Appointment” honour held by few.