The perfect
for every


Ballor Mule

to charm

4,0 cl Ballor Gin
1,0 cl Cherry Liqueur
1,0 cl Lime
Ginger beer
Decoration: Mint and lime
Glass: Gin Tonic Cup

Ballor Negroni

to satisfy yourself

3,0 cl Ballor Gin
3,0 cl Ballor Vermouth
3,0 cl Bitter
Decoration: Orange Zest
Glass: Old Fashioned

Emilie Side-Car

to dream

4,0 cl Ballor Gin
3,0 cl Dorange OF
2,0 cl Lemon Juice
Decoration: fresh lemon peel
Glass: Nick & Nora

Amaro Tonic

to spoil yourself

5,0 cl Ballor 100
15 cl Fever Tree Mediterranean
Decoration: lemon peel and mint
Glass: High Tumbler

Ballor Word

to seduce

2,5 cl Ballor 100
2,5 cl Ballor Gin
2,5 cl Ballor Vermouth
2,5 cl Lemon juice
Drops of orange bitter
Decoration: Lemon peel on the edge
Glass: Cup


to pamper yourself

2,0 cl Ballor 100
4,0 cl White Vermouth
4,0 cl Bergamot liqueur
Decoration: edible flower and lemon peel
Glass: Low Tumbler

Paul Ballor

to relax

2,5 cl Grappa OF Amarone Barrique
4,5 cl Ballor Vermouth
3 dashes Angostura
Glacé Cherry
Decoration: Orange peel
Glass: Old Fashioned

Buon Affare

to meet

4,0 cl Ballor Vermouth
2,0 cl Amaretto Liqueur
1 ,0 cl Bitter
Decoration: Amaretto
Glass: Nick & Nora

Secret Garden

to win over

4,0 cl Ballor Vermouth
4,0 cl Ballor Gin
2,0 cl Juice of half a lime
Decoration: Lime peel
Glass: Tumbler